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Adaptogenes for hormonal balance

Updated: Jun 28

Adaptogens relieve stress by modulating the release of stress hormones from the adrenal glands. As biological response modifiers (BRMs) adaptogens restore the body’s innate immune function and help the body adapt to different stressors. This gives them preventative and protective as well as curative activity in compromised immunity.

By replenishing our deeper immunity and regulating our response to stress, adaptogens replenish the wellspring of health and vitality and are true rejuvenative tonics helping to:

▪︎ Improve overall wellbeing

▪︎ Increase energy

▪︎ Optimise organ function

▪︎ Reduce stress response

▪︎ Increase inner strength

▪︎ Improve blood sugar levels

▪︎ Optimise protein synthesis

▪︎ Reduce inflammatory cortisol levels

▪︎ Improve cholesterol ratios

▪︎ Regulate the hormonal balance


Some commonly mentioned adaptogens for hormonal balance include ashwagandha, rhodiola, and holy basil:


An ancient herb used in Ayurveda, known for its stress-reducing properties.

May help balance cortisol levels, support thyroid function, and contribute to overall hormonal harmony.


A flowering herb that grows in cold regions, recognized for its adaptogenic properties.

Believed to alleviate stress, improve mood, and potentially regulate cortisol, supporting hormonal equilibrium.

Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Sacred herb in Ayurvedic medicine, valued for its diverse health-promoting properties.

Often used to manage stress, Holy Basil may assist in maintaining balanced cortisol levels and promoting adrenal health.

It is effective in the treatment of fatigue, anxiety, thyroid issues, blood pressure, and blood sugar balance.

Maca Root

Peruvian plant, traditionally used to enhance stamina and fertility.

Thought to support endocrine function, Maca may influence hormonal balance, especially in relation to reproductive health.

Maca root has earned a lot of praise for its potential positive effects on libido and sexual function, especially for women.

Licorice Root

Herb with a sweet taste, commonly used in traditional medicine.

Potential to support adrenal function, thus contributing to hormonal regulation, particularly cortisol.

Licorice Root can help reduce menopausal symptoms like sweating and hot flashes.

Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero)

Adaptogenic root native to Asia, utilized for its potential stress-relieving effects.

Believed to enhance resilience to stressors and contribute to hormonal stability over time.

Siberian ginseng helps to normalise the way in which the body responds to stress and acts to regulate the manufacture and secretions of the adrenal hormones.

It strengthens the adrenal glands themselves which is especially important to those suffering from chronic stress. Siberian ginseng also supports the whole of the central nervous system, which may help restore proper neurological function after long term stress.

By far the biggest single use of Siberian ginseng is its ability to increase energy.

Chaste Tree (Vitex)

Mediterranean plant historically used to address hormonal imbalances.

Commonly recommended for menstrual health, Chaste Tree may help regulate hormones related to the menstrual cycle.

Schisandra Berry

Berry with a unique flavor, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Considered an adaptogen that may support adrenal function, potentially influencing hormonal responses to stress.

It’s most well-known for boosting liver function and helping with adrenal functions, but other benefits also include:

• acting like a powerful brain tonic (improving focus, concentration, memory and mental energy)

• improving digestion

• nourishing the skin

Reishi Mushroom

Medicinal mushroom with a long history in traditional Chinese medicine.

Reishi is thought to have adaptogenic properties that support the immune system, reduce inflammation, promote relaxation, improve sleep and manage stress and anxiety and potentially contribute to hormonal balance.

Astragalus Root

Root used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote vitality.

While primarily recognized for immune support, Astragalus may indirectly aid hormonal balance by supporting overall well-being and reducing symptoms of chronic fatigue.


Ayurvedic herb with a history of use in women's health.

Often recommended for balancing female hormones, Shatavari may contribute to reproductive and hormonal well-being.

Shatavari supplements have also traditionally been used to combat anxiety and depression.

Remember, individual responses to adaptogens can vary, and it's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating them into your routine, especially if you have specific health concerns or are taking medications.

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