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How to fight - hormone replacement therapy

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

We already know, behind all our "disorders" are these horrible hormones 🙄

Supposedly there are more than 100 of them in the human body, some of them have a women only and they are responsible for the width of our hips, our well-being and our moods. We always have something to blame😎 Paradoxically they're produced by fats and cholesterol. So the fat is also needed, of course the good one. I'll write about the good one another time. When we don't have hormonal balance, strange things happen to us. As we get older, the levels of these hormones, mostly estrogen and progesterone, are dropping and we're starting to change. Luckily, we have a gun, we can fight!

First, hormone replacement therapy.

It's about supplementing the body with hormones.

It is designed to alleviate or completely many low hormone symptoms. It can minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 25-50%, inhibits the processes of flaccidity and skin aging by the positive influence of estrogens on collagen metabolism, it also reduces the intensity of atrophic changes within the vulva, vagina (irritation, itching, discharge, dyspareunia), urinary system (painful urination, urinary incontinence) and have a positive effect on mood, concentration, memory and emotions stabilize.

Together with adequately dosed vitamin D and calcium, it significantly inhibits the progress of osteoporosis.

Disadvantages of hormone replacement therapy

Hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases: heart attack (especially in the first year), stroke, etc.

It should also be remembered that the risk of cardiovascular diseases depends on the type of hormone used and the type of treatment. It is minimized if natural progesterone, administered through the skin (patches) is used in the treatment.

It also increases the risk of breast cancer. This risk increases with the duration of treatment.

The decision to start hormone replacement therapy should be based on the specific situation of each woman, with particular emphasis on risk factors. The pros and cons must always be carefully considered, and the decision must be made by the woman herself. The doctor is there to help and provide the necessary information, not to impose something.

According to the official position of the medical community, hormone replacement therapy is intended for women with particularly acute menopausal complaints. Treatment should be as low-dose as possible and as short as possible: as long as the symptoms last.

In fact, only a small percentage of women have all of these unpleasant, health-threatening symptoms of the menopause at once. Most of them can be reduced by changing our eating habits slightly.

Scientists have noticed that Asian women go through this stage much milder than European or American women. Their diet is rich in soy, which is a source of phytoestrogen.

This has led to the discovery of phytohormones in plants. These are the hormones responsible for the growth and ripening of plants and they are very similar to human, beings to the extent that our body can be deceived.

They are obviously weaker than the synthetic ones and their action is slower but also their side effects are much milder if they occur.

And these plants will be devoted to most of my blog. There will be a large part about diet, herbs and essential oils. I will look for nice, easy to prepare recipes. I hope that my blog will be useful for many women. For me too😁

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