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My name is Barbara Powelec. 

I am owner Baska Natural Wellness.

I always has been interested about various natural practices which keeping body and soul on a good condition, especially focused on natural skin care, aromatherapy and natural healing remedies.

    My Story

    Why did I decide to become a massage therapists ?

    Because massage fascinates me. A people instinctively massages the sore spots, and the touch of a caring person brings relief. There is something unusual about this.
    Massage is probably one of the oldest healing traditions. Many ancient peoples - including the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, and Indians - used massage to treat a variety of ailments.
    The work of a massage therapist is not only about focusing on the body, but also creating an atmosphere in which the client feels taken care of. It is a beautiful profession, requiring knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, but also sincere empathy, understanding, patience and kindness.
    After receiving my first diploma, I started practicing with my family and friends. I started reading more about massage, styles and techniques. And I'm still trying to deepen my knowledge.

    I offer several types of massage, incl. Swedish massage - classic, sports massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy and Indian head massage.

    In order to help my clients more effectively, my offer also includes lymphatic drainage and acupuncture, which are excellent supportive therapies for various health problems.

    I also do a Moroccan, relaxing peeling massage using beldi soap and kessa gloves.

    In addition, I offer my clients face care with natural cosmetics.

    This job gives me incredible satisfaction that I am doing something good for someone and thus doing something good for myself.